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Hearst's 1915-07

Hearst_s 1915-07.jpg Harper Rye -1909AThumbnailsHolland's 1935-12Harper Rye -1909AThumbnailsHolland's 1935-12Harper Rye -1909AThumbnailsHolland's 1935-12Harper Rye -1909AThumbnailsHolland's 1935-12

Woman carrying Japanese lantern; in the background, distant lights flicker over water. Content by David Graham Phillips, Charles Dana Gibson, Rex Beach, Winston Churchill, A. Brisbane, Howard Chandler Christy, Robert W. Chambers, Arthur Stringer, Bruno Lessing, Margaret Anglin, David Belasco, F. P. Dunne ("Mr. Dooley") and Rupert Hughes.

Artist: Penrhyn Stanlaws

Source: Charles Perrien

Restoration by: Charles Perrien