The history of this magazine is a bit confusing and largely unwritten. TODAY'S HOUSEWIFE was a new title for what had been TODAY'S MAGAZINE (published by the Canton Magazine Co., Canton, Ohio; May 1905 to January 1917). In 1917 it incorporated THE HOUSEWIFE (which has its own separate gallery.) As TODAY'S HOUSEWIFE it was published by the Geiger-Crist Co., Cooperstown, New York (February 1917 to May 1927); it changed title to TODAY'S HOUSEWIFE AND WOMAN AND HOME (May to December 1927), changing its name finally to TODAY'S WOMAN AND HOME (published in New York, New York; January to September 1928). (During the first part of 1927 the title had been TODAY'S WOMAN / devoted to / WOMAN and HOME. A slow changeover process.)

The earlier covers look like those from any number of large-format "slick" magazines aimed at women in the 20th century, but the 1927 issues appear to be printed cheaply on newsprint. For more about this magazine, see the TODAY'S HOUSEWIFE profile.