The Cosmopolitan Magazine began in the late 1880's, and for the first decade and a half had little or no cover art. In the early 1890's it gave its Table of Contents on the cover, a boon today for indexers but frustrating for illustration fans. A brief flirtation with illustrated covers in the mid 1890's, and back they went to ToC covers until 1904/5. In 1905 it began using painted covers by some of the foremost artists of the day, and continued doing so (with occasional fallback to ToC) until color photographs took over after 1950. In 1925 (by then, owned by Hearst) it was combined with HEARST'S MAGAZINE, and carried the logo statement "Combined With Hearst's International" until after 1950. COSMOPOLITAN is still being published, although as a magazine radically different from its original concept.