PEOPLE'S HOME JOURNAL was published 1886-1929 by F. M. Lupton, a New York publisher specializing in domestic and agricultural subjects and cheap fiction reprints. In 1910 GOOD LITERATURE (published 1889-1895 as HOME GUEST) was merged into it. Mott says [Vol. IV, page 366] "The JOURNAL eventually became a competitor of the greater women's magazines." and "When M. B. Gates became president of the publishing company after Lupton's death, there were better contributors, better format, and better paper. The price was raised to 10 cents in 1917 and 15 cents in 1920. Ben Ames Williams, Zoe Beckley, George Madden Martin, and Ellis Parker Butler were among the contributors." Its best cover art was toward the end of its life, and one can only guess that its closure was somehow tied up with the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and the ensuing Great Depression.