First published in pocket size (approx. 5.5" x 7.5") in December, 1915 as EVERYDAY MECHANICS. In 1916 POPULAR MECHANICS claimed it was attempting to ride on PM's coattails; so EM broadened its appeal and changed its name to EVERYDAY ENGINEERING with the March 1917 issue. It went to larger format (8.375" x 11.875") in the Fall of 1917. The last issue was published in November 1920.

Some contents of the April 1917 issue (no author credits on ToC page):
The Wireless Control of Submarines and Torpedoes
St. Louis Reader Builds Model EM1
The Equipment of an Experimental Engineer's Workshop
How to Make a Sun-Dial
Concerning Lathe Centers

Many of the early covers were by famous technical-illustration specialist Howard V. Brown. For more information on this magazine, read the Profile page.